Skill Help

  • Go to ngrok sign-up and create a new (free) account.
  • Fill-out our secure configurator form to download your personalized easy-install script.
  • Run the script:
    • On pCP, put in /home/tc. Run it using sh
    • On Debian, put in your home directory, e.g. /home/pi. Run it using sudo bash
    • On macOS, put in your Downloads directory. Open a terminal and cd ~/Downloads. Run it using sudo /bin/bash
    • On Windows, right-click on setup.ps1 in your downloads folder and choose Run with PowerShell. If you get a permissions error, see the comments in the file for a simple fix.
  • When the setup script finishes, you will be told that ngrok is running a tunnel to LMS through a URL like If you visit it from a browser, you'll see your familiar LMS 9000 homepage.
  • Open Amazon's account-linking page for the skill in the Alexa app or web-portal:
    • In the field, enter the assigned ngrok URL.
    • Enter the credentials you chose on the configurator form in the and fields.
  • If you installed LMS-lite, you can now say "Alexa, discover devices". In the case of MediaServer, say "Alexa, open MediaServer".