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EvoControl Smart Heat

A Custom Alexa Skill for Evohome

Evohome on Steroids

EvoControl™ is much more than just a means to control Evohome by voice/touch. With its own cloud storage, it cleverly extends Evohome with a myriad of features that were never in the original Resideo design brief. The likes of Activities/Scenes, Groups, Multiple Schedules, and Schedule Shifting make it child's play to tweak whole-house comfort with a short spoken command or a simple UI-gesture. You couldn't do that in a practical way until now because it always involved way too many steps on your Evotouch or in the TCC App. EvoControl also features a group setpoint-editor and an advanced schedule editor that are lightyears ahead of Evohome's native capabilities. Having EvoControl will change your home-heating habits for the better. Because it works instantly, and it makes doing things easy.

Savings and Comfort

Let's say you normally get up at 7 AM, but tomorrow you have an early rise. It's really powerful to be able to say "Start my day tomorrow at 6:30" to have all the schedules for zones where it matters shift accordingly. Same goes for "Delay bedtime by 30 mins" if you want to stay up later to finish a movie. Somebody in the household about to take an afternoon shower? Saying "Activate 'ShowerTime' for 20 mins" will get the bathroom ready for just as long as needed. In fact, all EvoControl's commands can have a time-constraint such as "…  for 30 mins" or "…  until 21:00" put on them. Especially nowadays with so many people working regularly from home — plus kids living longer with their parents — being able to easily deviate from the fixed-schedule paradigm of yesteryear is more important than ever!

More than Voice Control

When you think of Alexa you may be inclined only to think of voice-control and forget that the majority of Alexa-enabled devices nowadays have a decent touchscreen. With EvoControl, every Echo Show, Fire Tablet and Fire TV become an affordable hi-res clone of your Evotouch. 100% of the functionality available by voice is also accessible through the UI without uttering a single word. EvoControl's gesture-enabled Widget can be parked on your Echo Show's home screen. It's lightning fast and fully customisable to place all your favourite climate-control actions just a screen-tap away. Despite all EvoControl's capabilities, it's child's play to setup and use in ways that will really make a difference in your home. If you have Evohome, you deserve EvoControl too!


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Many roads lead to Rome
System Overview in HD
The shortest path to Energy Savings
Multiple Schedules
Every zone gets 3 + 1 schedules
Schedule Shifting
Advance/Defer or Reschedule daily 'moments'
Schedule Editing
Modify switchpoints in Bulk
Schedule Comparison
Graphical Depiction of Schedules
Up to 12 named Zone-Groups
Setpoint Editor
Set multiple zones in unison
Quick Glance plus Activity Triggering
Smart Home Integration
Charting, Demand & More
Multiple Locations
Unite multiple Evohome Systems
Real-Time Fault Reporting
Settings / Preferences
Configure Groups, Nicknames, etc
Zone Sort Order
Choose your preferred arrangement
International Zone Names
Example Commands
So many ways to say a command…
Uncomplicated ease-of-use
Usage Tips
Some useful Pointers

Get Started

It takes less than a minute…

• Can be used in any country on all Alexa-enabled devices set to English or German
• A 12-month activation (without contract) normally costs £20 but usage is currently free!

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