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EvoControl Smart Heat

A Custom Alexa Skill for Evohome

More than Voice Control

EvoControl™ is much more than just a means to control Evohome by voice. With its own cloud storage, it cleverly extends Evohome with several features that were never in the original Honeywell design brief. We deliberately chose to run it on Alexa because that allows the perfect balance between having a large touchscreen for certain functions (when you're near your Echo Show) but using voice e.g. when you're sitting on the couch or at the dining table. EvoControl is not about theoretical capabilities, it's designed around features that will get used throughout the day because they're powerful yet really convenient to use.

Savings and Comfort

Saving money on energy is not always about having the heating off. The smart money is on active setpoint management that keeps things cosy only when/where people are or will be present. Just tell Alexa that you've started a new Activity and EvoControl will adjust all your heating zones accordingly. Staying up a little later than usual? Tell Alexa to '…postpone Going to Bed by 30 mins' and you won't waste heat upstairs unnecessarily. What's really beneficial in saving energy is that all EvoControl commands can be constrained with an until or duration such as '…until 18:30' or '…for 45 minutes', just like on your panel.

Extended Capabilities

The list of non-native capabilities EvoControl brings to Evohome includes · Activities/Scenes, · Groups, · Multiple Schedules, · Schedule Shifting, · Advanced Schedule Editing, · Charting, · Constrained Overrides.
Every Echo Show becomes an affordable hi-res clone of your Evotouch in any room where you have Alexa. For the technically inclined, EvoControl can even be integrated with the popular Domoticz logo Domoticz or HA logo Home Assistant smart-home platforms. Despite all its capabilities, it's child's play to setup and use in ways that will really make a difference in your home. If you have Evohome, you deserve EvoControl too!


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Many roads lead to Rome
System Overview in HD
The shortest path to Energy Savings
Multiple Schedules
Every zone gets 3 ABC schedules
Schedule Shifting
Advance or Defer scheduled moments
Schedule Editing
Modify switchpoints in Bulk
Schedule Comparison
Graphical Depiction of Schedules
Up to 12 named Zone-Groups
Setpoint Editor
Change multiple zones at once
Graphing / USB
Forecast & Historical Data
Multiple Locations
Unite multiple Evohome Systems
Real-Time Fault Log
Eco/Boost Offset
Compensate for the newer Firmware
Settings Screen
Customise the Look & Feel
Zone Sort Order
Choose your preferred arrangement
Aliases | Peek
International Zone Names
Example Commands
So many ways to say a command…
Uncomplicated ease-of-use
Usage Tips
Some useful Pointers

Get Started

It takes less than a minute…

• Can be used in any country on all Alexa-enabled devices set to English or German
• A 12-month activation (without contract) normally costs £20 but is currently free!
• In the future, a complimentary 14-day trial period with 100% functionality can be started anytime.

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