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We create Alexa skills that enhance vUX — voice User eXperience

Screenshot from Alexa app showing MediaServer skill
Screenshot on in-skill purchase details in the Alexa app
Screenshot of the PillTaker skill asking for permission to access the user's timezone information

About Smartskills

Architect. Create. Code. Certify. Deploy. Maintain — your full-service partner for Alexa skill specification & authoring.

Our published custom skills make 100% use of APL to provide visual feedback to enhance the overall UX.
Our available smart-home skills rely on a self-developed Oauth2 account-linking back-end that's ready to deploy.
All our skills feature App-to-App enablement/linking for single-click installation.

When it comes to Alexa skills, we're at the bleeding edge…!

An Amazon Echo Dot 2nd gen

Beyond basic command sets…

Many skills — especially those targeting the Smart Home — implement a bare minimum of commands to be able to claim 'supports Alexa'.…

Extra voice-control possibilities don't create UI-clutter the way additional icons/buttons do on a touchscreen or button-remote. You can support all the possibilities and delight your customers, while still keeping things uncomplicated for entry-level users.

  • New feature-ideas not designed into the original product UI can often be addressed easily through voice.
  • Once people grasp the voice paradigm, they expect more. They should !
  • Share your concept with us and we'll design a worthy vUX to handle it all.

As a shining example, our MediaServer skill to control Logitech® Squeezebox™ music streamers allows voice control of 100% of the commands supported by the API. With 129 intents, 16 slots and nearly 7000 utterance samples. It also makes 100% use of APL to display Cover Art and other metadata on Echo's with screens. That's attention to detail. An often-heard complaint about Alexa skills is that there's usually only rather sketchy documentation. We do it differently — MediaServer's extensive documentation speaks for itself.

vUX has no clutter

A bunch of remote controls replaced by a single voice-control application

Look, no buttons

The thing about vUX is that there are no visible buttons or menus. Alexa looks the same whether you support 1000 spoken commands or 10.

It's not intimidating

Asking questions is a very natural way to discover how to do things. There's no 'thickness' to a product manual implemented in voice.

There are no layers

Menu-based interfaces require deep nesting to support large feature-numbers. With voice, all commands are accessible from the top level.

It can be multimedia

Deploying vUX can optionally play audio and video clips and show APL on screen-equipped devices. For the best of the old … and the new !

Talk to Us

Reach out to us for a chat about how we can help your skill-idea materialise. Use the button to send us a quick WhatsApp message. Harness our creativity and benefit from the fact that we're ahead of the learning curve for this new and exciting paradigm !

The evolution of UI over the years

Voice isn't coming, it's already here

It took Amazon four years to populate the world with 100 million Alexa-powered devices. It took just one more year to more than double that number…

The time to voice-enable your product is now. Your competitors are doing it. Customers quite simply expect it.

vUX provides a more personal experience for humans than physical buttons or touchscreens, leveraging the voice-assistant hardware your customer already has. It's quite simply the next paradigm after touch. Embrace it !

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Your full-service partner for Alexa skill specification & authoring !

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