Queries your Meters room plan devices and reads back the CounterToday value(s).

Invocation options (choose based on grammar-fit):

Alexa, [ open / start / launch ] StateReport [ and ]
Alexa, [ tell ] StateReport [ to ]
Alexa, [ ask ] StateReport [ to / for / if / about ]
Alexa, [ get ] [ from / using ] StateReport
Alexa, [ from / using ] StateReport

In place of '', fill in one of the options below:

Wordings starting with e.g. 'my', 'the' or 'a' are to be used with the [ get ] syntax.

my usage
my meters
the usage
my counters
my readings
energy usage
today's usage
utility usage
meter readings
my consumption
my energy usage
the consumption
my utility usage
the energy usage
today's counters
today's readings
my meter readings
the utility usage
energy consumption
the meter readings
today's consumption
utility consumption
the counter readings
today's energy usage
what's today's usage?
my energy consumption
today's utility usage
what's {Device} count?
what's {Device} level?
my utility consumption
today's meter readings
the utility consumption
what's {Device} reading?
what's the {Device} count?
what's the {Device} level?
today's energy consumption
today's utility consumption
what's today's energy usage?
what's the {Device} reading?
what's today's utility usage?
what's today's {Device} count?
what's today's {Device} level?
what's today's {Device} reading?
what's the latest {Device} count?
what's the latest {Device} level?
what's the latest {Device} reading?