Similar to the Thermostats command, except that this variant allows you to specify the {Zone} in question. In this case, if the zone has an override with a specified until time, the remaining duration of the override is mentioned in HH:MM.

Invocation options (choose based on grammar-fit):

Alexa, [ open / start / launch ] StateReport [ and ]
Alexa, [ tell ] StateReport [ to ]
Alexa, [ ask ] StateReport [ to / for / if / about ]
Alexa, [ get ] [ from / using ] StateReport
Alexa, [ from / using ] StateReport

In place of '', fill in one of the options below:

Wordings starting with e.g. 'my', 'the' or 'a' are to be used with the [ get ] syntax.

{Zone} zone
my {Zone} zone
the {Zone} zone
{Zone} thermostat
{Zone} zone status
{Zone} zone set to
{Zone} zone report
{Zone} zone setting
my {Zone} thermostat
my {Zone} zone report
my {Zone} zone set to
my {Zone} zone status
the {Zone} thermostat
my {Zone} zone setting
the {Zone} zone report
the {Zone} zone set to
the {Zone} zone status
the {Zone} zone setting
{Zone} thermostat status
{Zone} thermostat set to
{Zone} thermostat report
{Zone} thermostat setting
my {Zone} thermostat report
my {Zone} thermostat set to
my {Zone} thermostat status
my {Zone} thermostat setting
the {Zone} thermostat report
the {Zone} thermostat set to
the {Zone} thermostat status
what's my {Zone} zone report?
what's my {Zone} zone set to?
what's my {Zone} zone status?
the {Zone} thermostat setting
what's my {Zone} zone setting?
what's the {Zone} zone report?
what's the {Zone} zone set to?
what's the {Zone} zone status?
what's the {Zone} zone setting?
what's my {Zone} thermostat report?
what's my {Zone} thermostat set to?
what's my {Zone} thermostat status?
what's my {Zone} thermostat setting?
what's the {Zone} thermostat report?
what's the {Zone} thermostat set to?
what's the {Zone} thermostat status?
what's the {Zone} thermostat setting?