Queries your Thermostats room plan, looking for Evohome thermostats. For each one found, the difference between the SetPoint and Actual temperatures is calculated (with an offset of half a degree) to conclude which zone(s) is/are calling for heat.

The EvoTouch controller mode is mentioned, as are the names and current/actual temperatures of both the coolest and warmest rooms in the house.

Invocation options (choose based on grammar-fit):

Alexa, [ open / start / launch ] StateReport [ and ]
Alexa, [ tell ] StateReport [ to ]
Alexa, [ ask ] StateReport [ to / for / if / about ]
Alexa, [ get ] [ from / using ] StateReport
Alexa, [ from / using ] StateReport

In place of '', fill in one of the options below:

Wordings starting with e.g. 'my', 'the' or 'a' are to be used with the [ get ] syntax.

my evohome
my heating
heat demand
the heating
my heat demand
my thermostats
central heating
heating summary
the heat demand
thermostat report
my central heating
my heating summary
thermostat summary
the heating summary
my thermostat summary
central heating summary
my central heating summary
the central heating summary
what's my {Zone} zone set to?
what's my {Zone} zone status?
what's my {Zone} zone setting?
what's the {Zone} zone set to?
what's the {Zone} zone status?
what's the {Zone} zone setting?
what's my {Zone} thermostat set to?
what's my {Zone} thermostat status?
what's my {Zone} thermostat setting?
what's the {Zone} thermostat set to?
what's the {Zone} thermostat status?
what's the {Zone} thermostat setting?