Queries your Windows room plan and tells you which windows are currently reporting as OPEN.

Invocation options (choose based on grammar-fit):

Alexa, [ open / start / launch ] StateReport [ and ]
Alexa, [ tell ] StateReport [ to ]
Alexa, [ ask ] StateReport [ to / for / if / about ]
Alexa, [ get ] [ from / using ] StateReport
Alexa, [ from / using ] StateReport

In place of '', fill in one of the options below:

Wordings starting with e.g. 'my', 'the' or 'a' are to be used with the [ get ] syntax.

my windows
the windows
open windows
is {Device} ajar?
is {Device} open?
is {Device} shut?
is {Device} closed?
are any windows ajar?
are any windows open?
is the {Device} ajar?
is the {Device} open?
is the {Device} shut?
what windows are ajar?
what windows are open?
is the {Device} closed?
how many windows are ajar?
how many windows are open?
are any windows still ajar?
are any windows still open?
were any windows left ajar?
were any windows left open?
what windows are still ajar?
what windows are still open?
what windows were left ajar?
what windows were left open?
did I leave any windows ajar?
did I leave any windows open?